Sage Pay/Opayo Merchant Cash Advance

Uk businesses that that take payments via Sage Pay (now Opayo), could apply for a merchant cash advance.

Lots of companies in the UK accept debit and credit card payments in their business using Sage Pay, a brand which has been around for many years. After a recent rebrand they are now called Opayo which not everyone is aware of.

If your business uses Opayo, there is a type of business finance available called a Merchant Cash Advance. This allows you to borrow 1-2 months average card takings and repay it as a small percentage of your future card takings.

The repayment amount is fixed, so you know exactly what you will repay.

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Sage Pay & Opayo Merchant Cash Advances

A Opayo Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative to a business loan where the financier “purchases” a percent of your future credit and debit card sales. This is for a fixed repayment cost and is repaid as a percentage (between 10% & 20%) of future card sales.

Usually your business needs 6 months trading with Opayo/Sagepay.

High acceptance rates, even with a low credit score.

Borrow 100 – 200% of average monthly Opayo sales, via one of our trusted lending partners.

Most business sectors covered and finance can be used for any legitimate business purposes.

Sage Pay Merchant Advance Example

Average Monthly Card Sales: £22,000

Amount of Finance: £22,000

Factor Rate: 1.21

Total Repayment: £26,620

Repayment Sweep: 20%

So in this example you borrow £22,000 and then repay 20% of your future card takings until you repay £ 26,620. Could be subject to minimum payments if your turnover is significantly below average.

Apply For A Sage Pay or Opayo Merchant Cash Advance

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