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Last updated on December 16th, 2021 at 09:51 am

Does your business have or require an Invoice Discounting lending facility?

If so we can assist you with comparing available providers, guide you through the application process and provide ongoing independent support.

There are a large number of potential invoice discounting providers available in the UK. Some cater for specific sectors like Recruitment or Construction.

A wide range of circumstances can be catered for. Confidential discounting is usually more suitable for established businesses with in house credit control.


Independent Invoice Discounting Brokers

We make setting up a confidential discounting facility simple and straight forward. 

You will benefit from our experience and get to compare offers from different banks/lenders.

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What Is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice Discounting or Confidential Discounting is a type of invoice finance that is secured against your outstanding debtor book. If you are owed money from your clients, you can release up to 100% of the outstanding value.

This only applies if you trade B2B and offer credit terms to your customers. 

Discounting is suitable for:

  • Fast Growing Businesses
  • Well established SME’s and large businesses
  • Construction Discounting
  • Applications For Payments & Contractual Work

How Does Invoice Discounting Work?

An Invoice Finance company will agree to pay you a set percentage of your outstanding invoices.

For example if your debtor book is £100k and they agree to a 90% payment percentage, the lender will make £90k available for you to draw down as required.

Any applicable fees and/or interest will be deducted from the available balance. Once your customer pays the invoice, the balance is cleared with the lender.

With a Discounting facility you normally continue with your collections in house. Also it would normally be on a ‘confidential’ basis, with minimal contact with your customers by the bank/lender.

How Much Does Invoice Discounting Cost?

The fees vary significantly between lenders and will be dependent on a large number of factors.

Get in touch to have a no obligation chat about what your options may be and the potential costs involved.

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