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We work with a range a specialist stock financing providers that help business purchase stock, import goods, pay suppliers, release cash tied in inventory and fulfil orders.

Have a big order to fulfil but no cash to buy the stock? We can help.

As an independent broker we work to find the right funding solution for your businesses individual circumstances. 

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What Types of Stock Finance Do We Offer?

There are different types of stock and trade financing facilities, depending on your circumstances and the purpose of the finance.

Different business sectors may require different types of finance facilities.

We can help with any sector requirement, here are just some of the types of facilities we can source for your business.

Revolving Stock Finance Facilities

Get access to a revolving credit facility to fund ongoing regular stock purchase requirements.

We work with a number of finance providers that offer revolving facilities to allow further stock purchases.

Typical Features:

  • Draw down funds as required
  • Short term funding
  • Revolving Stock Finance
  • Flexible repayments
  • Fast Access To Funds
  • Fund over 30 to 120 Days
If buying the stock you need is holding back your business, then get in touch to see what finance options you have.
Revolving Stock Finance Explained

Stock & Inventory Loans

You could arrange finance against both new and existing stock held by your business.

Do you have substantial value in your warehouse or assets? You could use this to secure funding.

  • Loans against New Stock
  • Loans against existing stock
  • Inventory finance
There are a range of business lending options that will help you release the value tied up in your balance sheet.

We also have a range of Unsecured Business Loan options that can work well for businesses with large amounts of inventory.

Get finance to pay suppliers before you have invoiced the end client. Bridge the gap between paying suppliers and getting paid from your customer.

This can also be used side by side with an Invoice Finance facility.

Click here to read more about trade finance.

Purchase Order Finance

Get business funding to pay for stock and fulfil orders on sales you have lined up with a purchase order.

This can work well for UK wholesalers and for international trade.

  • Purchase Orders Paid
  • Fund Orders & Sales
  • Speculative Purchases
  • Raw Materials & Parts
This could be stand alone finance or combined with Invoice Finance.

Vehicle Stock Funding

Another type of funding we can assist with is Vehicle Stock Funding for used car dealerships.

Increase car stock levels by getting assess to a revolving credit facility, specifically designed for dealers. 

  • Vehicle Stocking Facilities
  • Line of Credit
  • Car Dealer Finance


Stock finance is used by businesses either to release cash tied up in existing inventory or to buy new stock. This is usually a revolving credit facility that provides short term access to funding over 30, 60 or 90 days. It allows businesses to fulfil orders and ease cashflow pressures.

Yes some finance providers will lend money against business stock held in either warehouses or store. This could be used to grow the business or to fund acquisitions, MBO’s and MBI’s.

If your business has a large goods order to fulfil, then you potentially can get funding to complete the sale. A finance provider may want to pay your supplier directly and even make the stock purchase themselves. This helps you to fulfil a large order even if you don’t have the cashflow to pay for the goods upfront.

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