Worldpay Merchant Cash Advance & Business Finance

There are a number of Worldpay Merchant Cash Advance funders available in the UK.

They lend money to merchants and then “purchase” a percentage of future card taking to repay the finance. Usually between 10 and 20%.

There are Worldpay Business Finance Alternatives, even if you have been declined already. You can still apply with other lenders and could still be eligible for business finance.

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Worldpay Cash Advance Finance

There are multiple UK lenders that provide Worldpay Cash Advance finance. Each with different lending criteria and underwriting processes. That’s why its worth comparing options and trying elsewhere if you have been turned down by one.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a form of business funding where the lender “purchases” a percent of your future debit/credit card sales. This is for a fixed cost and is repaid as a percentage (up to 20%) of future card sales from your merchant provider.

You must have been trading for 6 months and may still be accepted with poor credit.

Borrow up to 200% of average monthly Worldpay sales, via one of our trusted lending partners.

Most business sector covered and funds can be used for any legitimate business purpose.

Worldpay Cash Advance Example

Average Monthly Card Sales: £30,000

Amount of Finance: £30,000

Factor Rate: 1.24

Total Repayment: £37,200

Repayment Sweep: 15%

So in this example you borrow £30,000 and then repay 15% of your future card takings until you repay £37,200. Could be subject to minimum payments.

Worldpay Business Finance Alternative

As you may be aware, Worldpay have their own business finance offering (provided in partnership with Liberis). There are alternative providers if you have been declined or wants to get a comparison quotation.


  1. How Much Merchant Cash Advance I Can Have Worldpay

    On average our clients tend to get finance offers of around 100% of average monthly card takings. However if you a good trading history and credit, you could borrow up to 200% of your average monthly card takings.

    Example Worldpay PDQ Takings:

    January £28,000 February £32,000 March £27,000 April £25,000 May £33,000 June £40,000

    6 Month Average: £30,833

    Potential Cash Advance Lending: £30,000 – £60,000

Apply For A Worldpay Merchant Cash Advance

As an independent business finance brokers, we help businesses who have a Worldpay card reader to source finance. Even if you have been declined by another lender.

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