Single Invoice Factoring

Get access to money quickly with Single Invoice Factoring.

Do you have a large outstanding customer invoice and need to release cash?

Its possible to secure funding against a single debtor invoice on a one off basis by selling invoices.

Rather than a full book Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting facility, where you finance all your debtor book ongoing.

However if its just a one of requirement, you can release a percentage of a large single unpaid invoice for a fixed fee with Spot Factoring.

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Features of Single & Spot Invoice Factoring

One off spot invoice factoring can give you quick access to cash tied up in unpaid customer invoices.

It may be that you have a one off large order or just don’t want to commit to a contract or ongoing revolving credit facility.

Single & Spot Invoice Factoring Brokers

As an independent brokers we will compare offers from a number of lenders that specialize in Single Invoice Factoring, Selective Invoice Factoring, One Off Invoice Finance and Spot Factoring within the UK.

We will quickly get you lending offers that match your requirements and circumstances. We can match you up with lenders and have money into your account fast, as quick as within 24 hours.

You will benefit from our experience and get to compare offers from different banks/lenders.

Why Use Us?

We can act quickly and access a wide range of single invoice factoring companies to meet your requirements. Get access to funds in as little as 24 hours.

FAQ: Single and Spot Invoice Factoring

If your business trades B2B and grants credit terms you may have to wait up 90 days to get paid. This can put a huge strain on cash flow, even for strong profitable businesses.

You can help your short term cash flow by releasing money from just one single unpaid customer invoice. 

This may be because you have an unusually large order or you just need quick access to cash for any business purpose.

Single Invoice Factoring is suitable for:

  • New Start Ups
  • Fast Growing Businesses
  • Large Invoices
  • One Off Large Orders
  • Quick Access To Funding
  • Emergencies
  • Bad Credit & CCJs

An Invoice Finance company will agree to pay you a set percentage of your outstanding invoice. For example your customer owes you £100k and the lender agrees to a 60% payment percentage, you will get £60k.

Any applicable fees and/or interest will be also be deducted. Once your customer pays the invoice, the balance is cleared with the lender.

With a Factoring facility the lender usually assists with collections. In some cases this may be done confidentially.

The fees vary significantly between lenders and will be dependent on a large number of factors.

You would usually have to pay a percentage of each invoice financed. This may be a fixed fee or could be per month/30 day period.

Get in touch to have a no obligation chat about what your options may be and the potential costs involved.

Types Of Single Invoice Factoring

There are some small differences between different products on the market. They may be referred to as:

  • Single Invoice Factoring
  • Selective Invoice Factoring
  • One Off Invoice Factoring
  • Spot Factoring UK
  • Spot Invoice Finance
  • Single Invoice Finance
  • Single Invoice Discounting
  • Individual Invoice Factoring

We will take the time to understand your requirements and match you with a lenders & product to meet your specification.

One Off Invoice Factoring UK

Our head office is in Greater Manchester and we offer a face to face service for all North West based businesses.

We also assist businesses across the UK with any business finance requirements.

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