180 Day Value

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What Is A 180 Day Value In Bridging Finance?

Many Bridging Finance companies will only lend against the 180 Day Value of a property.

What this means is the value of a property, if they only had 180 days to advertise and sell the property. This value can often be 5 – 15% lower than the Open Market Value (OMV), depending on the type of property.

A bridging lender may also take into account whether the property is vacant possession or would have to be sold with a tenant in situ. This can effect both residential and commercial properties, either increasing or decreasing the value.

Its important that you understand exactly what valuation type a bridging lender is using. This could effect the amount of money you can borrow against a given property.

Things That May Effect The 180 Day Value

  • How expensive the property is
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Tenant or Leaseholder in situ
  • Owner Occupied
  • Area
  • Demand For The Property Type
  • Economic Outlook

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