What Does EUV Mean In Bridging & Development Finance?

The acronym EUV is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Existing Use Value’. It is commonly used in the finance industry by property Bridging and Development loan providers.

The Existing Use Value (EUV) is simple the value of a piece of land or existing building, in its current form.

This may often be the same as the open market value (OMV). However sometimes the OMV may be higher than the EUV if there is an expectation that a change of use may increase its value.

For example if a piece of land is very likely to get planning permission, it could increase what somebody is willing to pay. This could be above and beyond its current Existing Use Value (EUV).

Likewise if a property could easily be converted into a different use, such as converting a commercial building into residential. This may also increase the value.

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