85% LTV Bridging Loan – Residential Buy-to-Let Refurbishment

Its possible to get a 85% LTV Bridging Loan for residential BTL purchases that require refurbishment.

We now have 85% options from a number of lenders, making it one of the highest LTV bridging products on the market.

This product is allows for a very high loan to value net loan for residential properties the need renovating. If you are adding value to new purchase then this bridging loan contributes toward the purchase cost and renovation upfront. High LTV bridging finance is back for BTL refurbs, great news for property investors with smaller deposits.

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Residential Bridging Finance 85% LTV

Lets explore some of the key product features and criteria if you wanted to apply for 85% LTV, without any additional security.

Probably one of the key features that sets this product apart from other bridging loans is that there are no drawdowns. The entire 85% LTV (minus any deductions) is paid upfront on completion of the loan. This means putting less cash upfront into a residential BTL refurbishment.

There are many bridging lenders that will go up to 75% LTV on a purchase plus up to 100% of refurbishment costs. However the refurb costs would usually be paid in arrears of the work starting, as additional loan drawdowns. This adds costs and also means you need to put more cash into a project upfront.

However with this new 85% LTV property bridging finance, its all paid upfront. Lets look closer at the key features and eligibility criteria below.

85% Bridging Finance Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the 85% Loan To Value Bridging loan product currently available.

  • Up To 85% LTV Lending For Refurbishments
  • 100% LTV With Additional Security
  • 1 to 24 Month Term
  • Interest Can Be Rolled or Serviced
  • England, Wales, Scotland
  • Rates from 0.85% Per Month
  • Whole Loan Paid Upfront (no drawdowns)

85% Bridging Loan Criteria

Here are some of the important criteria required for this 85% LTV product. Its worth highlighting one of the key points, you must of completed a previous project of similar size in the past and provide evidence.

  • Residential BTL Investment Properties ONLY
  • 100% of Refurbishment Costs (Max 85% LTV or 75% Post Work Value, whichever is lower)
  • £40,000 Minimum Loan Size
  • £5,000,000 Maximum Loan Size
  • Personal Guarantee Required
  • Must Be Aged 21 to 80
  • Must have prior experience of refurbishment

Apply For High LTV Bridging – Up To 85%

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