Streamline Merchant Cash Advance Finance UK 2023

UK Businesses that have a Streamline card reader, could apply Merchant Cash Advance finance. A cash advance is a type of finance that allows you to borrow money for your business.

Streamline is now part of the a large card processing provider worldpay. Applying for a streamline cash advance is the same as a worldpay account.

If your business uses a Streamline card reader, then you could apply for a “Cash Advance”.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Streamline

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Steamline Cash Advance Finance

We work with a number of providers that offer a Streamline Cash Advance.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a type of business finance, similar to a business loan, where the lender purchases” a percentage of your future card takings. This is usually for a fixed cost and is repaid as a percentage (10-20%) of future card takings from your merchant sales.

You can apply once you have been trading for 6 months and could still be accepted with poor credit.

Borrow up to 200% of average monthly Streamline sales, via one of our trusted lending partners.

Most business sector covered and funds can be used for any legitimate business purpose.


Average Monthly Card Sales: £15,000

Amount of Finance: £15,000

Factor Rate: 1.26

Total Repayment: £18,900

Repayment Sweep: 10%

So in this example you borrow £15,000 and then repay 10% of your future card takings until you repay £18,900. Could be subject to minimum payments.

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As an independent business finance brokers, we help businesses who have a Streamline card reader to source finance. Even if you have been declined by another lender.

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