SellersFunding is a leading provider of financial solutions to eCommerce businesses like Amazon sellers and Shopify store owners.

They have a range of funding solutions like Working Capital, Daily Advance and Invoice Factoring.

As of the 7th March 2023, SellersFunding has rebranded and changed its name to SellersFi.

A press release by SellersFunding said the name change is due to the business growing in other areas, such as insurance, analytics and corporate credit cards.

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Sellers Funding Amazon

Amazon FBA sellers can access a range of funding solutions with SellersFunding (now SellerFi). Here are some of there solutions:

Working Capital: Lending up to $5m, with terms up to 24m

Daily Advance: Daily access to 90% of your previous day’s Amazon sales

Invoice Factoring: Quick access to Amazon vendor invoices

Find out more about Amazon Seller Loans and Funding

Sellers Funding Shopify

If your eCommerce business sells using the Shopify platform, then you can apply for Working Capital with SellersFunding (now SellerFi).

Shopify stores can also access other products like ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ and ‘Digital Wallet’.

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