Buy To Let & Commercial Mortgages for Foreign Nationals

Investing in the UK property market is very popular with foreign nationals across the world. In both residential property and commercial properties.

We can assist with a range of Buy To Let & Commercial Mortgages for Foreign Nationals. This can be if you reside in the UK or even if you live abroad and have never even been to the United Kingdom.

As an independent commercial finance brokers we are experienced in mortgages and property investment finance for foreign nationals.

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Property Investment Finance For Foreign Nationals

If you have recently moved to the UK or investing from abroad and are looking to invest in property, there are a number of things to be considered.

Eligibility criteria varies between different banks and lenders, using a professional commercial finance broker can help you navigate this.

In addition to different rules on visas, there is other related criteria that may stop you getting mortgages for Buy To Let properties. These may include:

  • Lack of UK mortgage conduct or credit history
  • Minimum UK residency requirements
  • UK Visa requirements
  • First time buyer restrictions
  • First time landlord restrictions

However, there are a number of banks and lenders that will approve mortgages for Foreign Nationals and other none UK nationals living outside the UK.

UK Buy To Let Mortgages For Foreign Nationals

There is a strong rental market in London, Manchester and around the UK. We can assist with residential buy to let properties, including small houses, apartments and large detached properties.

Similarly, we have banks that will provide mortgages for more complex residential properties, such as multi unit blocks, student accommodation and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

A deposit of minimum 25% is usually required.

UK Commercial Mortgages For Foreign Nationals

We can assist with a wide range of commercial property investment mortgages. This could be on properties such as offices, warehouses, retail units, industrial units.

Commercial mortgages usually require a minimum deposit of 30%, sometimes higher depending on the type of building.

Buy in your own name or via a UK limited company with foreign national beneficial owners.

Hong Kong Foreign Nationals

The UK governments new visa scheme allows Hong Kong nationals to apply for a 5 year visa, under the British National Overseas (BNO) scheme. Estimates are that as many as 153,000 people will apply in 20211.

We can assist Hong Kong Foreign Nationals with property finance.

Foreign Nationals Investing In Manchester Property

Manchester is a very popular place to invest in the UK for foreign and overseas investors.

With Manchester being a fast growing city, demand for property is high. However average prices are lower than many parts of London and investment yields can be higher.

As a locally based finance broker with an office in Greater Manchester, we are well placed to assist with foreign nationals who wish to invest in Manchester. We can help with mortgages and property loans.

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Summary: Buy To Let Mortgages For Foreign Nationals

As an independent commercial finance brokers, we can assist with a wide range of buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages. We also assist with other business/investment finance.

We are experienced assisting none UK nationals invest in UK property.

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