Merchant Cash Advance Pubs, Bars & Clubs UK 2022

Last updated on June 9th, 2022 at 12:05 pm

Pubs & Bars that take debit/credit card payments, can potentially apply for Merchant Cash Advance business finance.

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Merchant Cash Advances For Pubs and Bars

Due to the pandemic, its becoming increasing difficult to secure business loans for UK wet led pubs, bars and clubs in 2022. High street banks are not supporting the sector and many other business lenders are avoiding bars, pubs, clubs and other drinking establishments.

However, its still possible to apply for a type of short term borrowing called a Merchant Cash Advance. Typically you can borrow around 100-200% of your average credit/debit card takings from your PDQ machines.

This is then repaid over a 6 to 12 month period as a percentage of your future card takings.

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Features of a Cash Advance For UK Pubs & Bars

A Merchant Cash Advance could be used for a variety of business purposes. Such as pub refurbishments, buying in beer, wine or spirits, kitchen equipment, opening new venues and general cash flow purposes.

Funds can be in your account within a few working days.

Main Features

  • High acceptance rates for pubs, bars and night clubs
  • Borrow up to 200% Average Monthly Card Turnover
  • Fixed Repayment Amount
  • Flexible repayments, percentage of future card sales
  • No need to be a home owner
  • Low credit scores accepted

This type of finance product may also be referred to as a Business Cash Advance.

This is not a long term type of business finance or loan. The capital and fees are typically repaid to the lender withing 6-12 months.

Future repayments are done as a percentage of future sales, normally 10-20%. A higher sweep percentage would usually mean the finance is repaid quicker.

You would need to get a bespoke quotation for your pub or bar to see what the exact cost and repayments would be.

Who Can Apply For A Merchant Cash Advance?

Most businesses that take regular card payments, on site and online, could be eligible. There are no restrictions on wet led licenced establishments. Including:

  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Night Clubs
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Clubhouses

We also assist restaurants and takeaways with cash advance funding as well.

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