Haulage Factoring | Invoice Finance For UK Freight

If you are a UK haulage company, then you may be looking at Haulage Factoring for your unpaid invoices.

Lets discuss in this article how to get access to your Haulage debts without waiting 30-45 days, by using Invoice Finance.

Haulage Invoice Factoring & Invoice Finance

In recent years the UK logistic and haulage sectors has been revolutionised, with the introduction of tech platforms.

Anyone can now go into the platforms and bid for work on a daily basis.

However many of the jobs on there are paid on terms of 30-45 days, this can leave a huge gap in cashflow. Especially with fuel bills and drivers wages to pay.

One potential solution to this issue an Invoice Finance product like Factoring or Discounting.

Can You Invoice Factor Haulage Debt?

The short answer is yes, you can using invoice factoring to release money tied up in unpaid Haulage invoices. These could be with direct clients or work done via a haulage tech platform.

However its important that you use a factoring company that understands how your invoicing works and also the process for invoicing.

There are invoice finance companies that specialise in providing both Factoring and Discounting to transport companies.

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How Does Invoice Finance Work With Haulage?

With the help of a broker, it usually takes around one week to set up a new invoice factoring facility and pay out your first invoices. Below is the usual process

  1. Get an Invoice Finance Quote
  2. Submit Application
  3. Sign Agreement & Provide Identification
  4. Provide any Haulage Platform Login details to finance company
  5. Complete your first new job
  6. Once approved funding will be released

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