Buy Renovate Rent Refinance | BRRR Property Investment Method UK

You may of heard of a type of UK property investment method call Buy Renovate Rent Refinance (BRRR).

In this article we explore how it actually works in reality and how you use finance to implement this property investment strategy.

Disclaimer: This is not investment/financial advice and is purely for educational purposes only.

BRRR: Buy Renovate Rent Refinance

A shorter version of this you may of come across is Buy Renovate Refinance (BRR) and is essentially the same thing as BRRR method. It also may be referred to as Buy Refurbish Rent Refinance Repeat (BRRRR).

The concept is fairly simple enough to understand, you buy a property that requires refurbishment usually using a Bridging Loan. Then you complete the refurbishment, with a view to increasing the properties value. Then you get a tenant in paying a monthly rent and refinance to a Buy to Let Mortgage at the new higher valuation.

Most investors would look to get some or in some cases even all their money back out.

Read on below to see how this might work and what finance you can potentially use. This short video will explain how it works:

How Does Buy Renovate Rent Refinance (BRRR) Method Work?

Lets break down the components of the BRRR method and see what is involved.

I will also discuss the different finance options available at each stage if the process.

This handy infographic below set out the key steps in the process.

BRRR Method UK - Buy Refurbish Rent refinance Infographic

1. Purchasing Property With BRRR Finance

The first thing you need to do is find a property to purchase. This could be with an estate agent, online via Zoopla or Rightmove or even via auction.

If you don’t have enough cash to purchase the property outright, then you could consider using Bridging Finance. You can use a Bridging Loan towards the purchase cost, up to a maximum of 85% LTV.

It may even be possible to use bridging for 100% of the purchase cost, if you have additional properties to provide as security to the lender. This could be on a first or even second charge basis and may mean you don’t need to contribute any cash as a deposit.

Click here to read more about Bridging Finance.

Note: You cannot use a standard Buy to Let Mortgage to purchase a uninhabitable property. If you wish to purchase using a mortgage the property must be in a good state of repair, working kitchen and bathroom.

2. Renovating With Finance

Once you have completed the property purchase, you need to get to work renovating it straight away. You can either use your own cash to complete the renovation or you can finance part of the works.

If you are adding substantial value to a property, you may be able to use finance to cover some of the refurbishment costs. The amount available is usually based on a maximum Loan To Gross Development Value (LTGDV).

  • Option 1: Fund up to 100% costs in arrears with Bridging Finance. This will give you access to additional funds on top of the finance used for the purchase, with the same lender.
  • Option 2: Some funders will offer higher LTV funding upfront, where a refurbishment is taking place. This could be up to 85% LTV (maximum 75% LTC).

Read more about Option 2 in are recent article 85% LTV Bridging Loan [2021] Residential Buy-to-Let Refurbishment.

3. Secure A Rental Tenant

This part is fairly self explanatory, once finished your Buy To Let refurbishment you can now get a paying tenant in the property.

If you are planning to keep the property as a long term investment then tenants will provide a monthly cashflow.

You can also start the refinance before a tenancy is agreed, you don’t have to wait until an AST is signed.

4. Refinance – BRRR Mortgage

As soon as the work has been complete, the property can be refinanced to a Buy To Let Mortgage.

You can potentially secure a BTL mortgage for up to 80% loan to value of the new open market value. This will be subject to meeting the required criteria and also a surveyor carrying out a valuation.

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BRRR Method Example: Buy Renovate Rent Refinance In Action

To help you understand the finances, lets look at a worked example with numbers. This is using a bridging loan without contribution towards renovation costs. There may be other costs not included below and will vary from project to project.

This is just made up numbers for explanatory purposes, you will need to calculate your own numbers for each deal.

CostAmount (£)
Purchase Price£100,000
Renovation Costs£30,000
Stamp Duty£3000
Legal & Other Fees£3000
Gross Bridging Loan£75,000
Arrangement Fee (2%) + Other Fees£1675
6 Months Retained Interest (0.85%/m)£3825
TOTAL COST (6 Months)£141,500
New Market Value£165,000
Mortgage 75% LTV£123,750
Money Left In The Deal£17,750
Based on refinance after 6 months

Summary: Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat?

Like all businesses and investments there is risk and the BRR strategy is no different. You need to consider both the upside and downside potential.

If you are using a Bridging Loan during the refurbishment, then each extra month you take will cost you more interest.

However this is a property investment strategy used successfully by many people to grow a buy to let property portfolio.

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