RBS FacFlow Invoice Finance Review 2021 [Compare Alternatives]

RBS FacFlow Invoice Finance Review

If you are an existing RBS FacFlow customer or if you are considering using them, then this article is essential reading. Did you know that RBS Invoice Finance has one of the biggest market shares of invoice based lending in the UK. This is likely to be down to their corresponding share of the Business … Read more

Invoice Discounting vs Factoring 2021

Invoice Discounting vs Factoring

Lets look at the differences and compare Invoice Discounting vs Factoring for UK businesses. They are both types of Invoice Finance and have different features, benefits and eligibility criteria. Depending on your business, you may be able to choose between discounting and factoring when setting up a new invoice finance facility. However it may be … Read more

Factoring With Recourse Or Without

Factoring With Or Without Recourse

Should you take out Factoring With Or Without Recourse? Lets explore what the difference is between the two and compare the options. In case you don’t already know Factoring is a type of Invoice Finance facility, used by businesses in the UK. It allows companies to access money from unpaid invoices and could be considered … Read more

Factoring For Truckers & Trucking Companies UK

Invoice Factoring For Truckers & Trucking Companies

Are you looking for factoring for truckers and trucking companies? If so lets explore what options are available for you and what it may cost. If you are a trucking company in the UK, then you need a commercial finance broker that understands the freight and transport sector. Factoring can be great solution for trucking … Read more

Courier Exchange Invoice Finance & Factoring

Courier Exchange Invoice Finance

Are you looking for Courier Exchange invoice finance and factoring options? If so then there are potential options available to you. As you may know ‘Courier Exchange‘ is one of the UK’s leading freight exchange platforms for hauliers and courier business owners. It allows courier companies to quickly link up with freight forwarders and other … Read more