Restaurant Loan & Merchant Cash Advance Compared [Business Finance]

Restaurant Loans & Merchant Cash Advance

Lets explore what restaurant loan and business finance options may be available for your business. If you are running a restaurant in the UK, then you may be wondering what your funding options are. In this article we will run through the different finance products offered by UK lenders specifically for restaurant business owners. We … Read more

Top 10 UK Business Finance Statistics & Facts 2020

UK Business Finance Stats 2020

I am sure we can all agree that 2020 was not a normal year for UK businesses, or anything else for that matter. This is reflected in the main headline ‘UK Business Finance Statistics’ in the article below. Lending to businesses in the UK was dominated by the government backed loan schemes, predominantly CBILS & … Read more

Construction Finance For UK Companies

Construction Finance For UK Companies

In this article we are going to explore ‘Construction Finance For UK Companies’. There are potentially a large number of finance options for construction companies. Even if your bank has turned you down, it doesn’t mean you cannot get the funding you need. If you are involved in the construction industry, there any many reasons … Read more

Business Loans For Bad Credit UK

Business Loans Bad Credit

Lets look at what business loans for bad credit are available to UK companies. If you are a company director or owner and your credit is not great, there may still be finance options available for you. Whether its past insolvencies, director bad personal credit score or company CCJ’s, certain business loan options may still … Read more