RBS FacFlow Invoice Finance Review 2023

If you are an existing RBS FacFlow customer or if you are considering using them, then this article is essential reading.

Did you know that RBS Invoice Finance has one of the biggest market shares of invoice based lending in the UK. This is likely to be down to their corresponding share of the Business Banking market being one of the largest in the UK.

However there are now over 100 invoice finance providers in the UK. Even if you bank with RBS Business Banking, it may still be worth looking at alternative providers to compare offers. If you already use FacFlow then its easy to switch to other lenders as well.

So lets look at what FacFlow is, what the key features are and how it compares to alternative providers.

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What Is RBS FacFlow Invoice Finance?

FacFlow is name of the Invoice Finance offering from Royal Bank of Scotland. Existing clients use the secure online FacFlow login to access their accounts, manage users and submit invoices.

RBS have both a Factoring and Discounting offering below. You can read more about the differences between the two in our article Invoice Discounting vs Factoring 2021.

Current Trust Pilot Review Rating For ‘Royal Bank Of Scotland Business’ – 1.5/5 Stars1 (21/01/2021)

FacFlow Factoring

  • RBS collect the money owed to you
  • Release up to 90% of an invoice’s value within 24 hours
  • Dedicated RBS Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 online access to a FacFlow account
  • Minimum turnover of £250k up to £6.5m

FacFlow Invoice Discounting

  • Maintain In House Collections
  • Completely Confidential
  • Release up to 90% of an invoice’s value within 24 hours
  • Dedicated RBS Relationship Manager
  • 24/7 online access to a FacFlow account
  • Minimum turnover of £300k

RBS FacFlow Vs Alternative Invoice Finance Lenders

If you are already using RBS FacFlow or considering using them, it may be worth getting some alternative quotations and comparisons from other providers.

There are a large number of other banks and specialist providers that offer Factoring and Discounting in the UK.

FacFlow Alternatives

  • High Street Banks – There are other high street banks that offer Invoice Finance without the need to switch your bank accounts.
  • Specialist Factoring & Discounting Funders – There are a large number of invoice finance funders that will consider a much wider range of circumstances than perhaps RBS or other high street banks. This might include bad director credit, new start ups, past insolvencies, pre pack administrations and restricted sectors.
  • Construction Specialists – If you are involved in construction, there are specialist lenders that will fund against work in progress and unapproved applications for payment
  • Recruitment & Employment Agency Specialists – Fund up to 100% of timesheets for temporary/agency work

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Can I Switch From RBS FacFlow To Another Provider?

Yes you can easily switch from a RBS Facflow facility to another provider without disruption. You will need to check your current contract terms with RBS to see if there is a minimum notice period. However for most customers this would usually be just 1 month.

You may want to consider using an experience invoice factoring broker such as ourselves, to assist with the process. This will ensure a smooth and pain free switch over to a new provider.

Also it may be that RBS no longer wishes to provide funding to your business. Regardless of the circumstances we can look to source you an alternative provider.

Reasons to consider switching from RBS FacFlow

  • Customer Service – Smaller specialist invoice finance providers may provide a better more personal service
  • Funding Limits – Do you need a higher facility limit or higher limits on individual customers?
  • Funding Percentage – Release up to 100% of the invoice value
  • Cost of Finance – Get a comparison quote to see if you can reduce costs

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Frequently asked questions and useful answers below.

What Is RBS Facflow?

RBS FacFlow is the name of the invoice finance product offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland. It includes both Factoring and Discounting to businesses in the UK. This allows their clients to release up to 90% of unpaid invoices within 24 hours.

Eligibility Criteria:
– Must trade B2B
– Must grant credit to customers
– Minimum turnover £250,000

How To Login To FacFlow

The Facflow online login is on a separate system from their usual Online Business Banking portals and requires a different login. This can be beneficial as you can give staff members access, without giving access to your bank account. You can login via this link.

Facflow Login

What Help & Support Do You Get With FacFlow?

Facflow clients get online access 24/7 by logging in to the online portal. You will also be assigned a client account manager and can contact the customer service team Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm on 0345 300 3714.

You can download a guide to FacFlow on the RBS website here.

What Is The FacFlow Contact Number

You can contact the FacFlow support line Mon – Fri between 9am – 5pm on their customer service number 0345 300 3714.

If you are having problems or issues with customer service, it may be worth considering changing to a new provider. You can get a comparison quote by clicking here.

FacFlow Contact Number

What FacFlow Alternatives Are Available?

There are a large number of alternative invoice factoring and discounting providers in the UK. Some specialise in certain sectors and have different offerings dependant on turnover, credit profile etc.

High Street Banks – Lloyds, Barclays, Skipton BS
Alterative Lenders – Bibby Financial Services, Aldermore, Hitachi
Specialist Lenders – Advantedge, Market Invoice, Pulse

We work with all the above lenders and many more.
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Can RBS FacFlow Close My Facility?

Yes you can have your RBS FacFlow facility closed if it is deemed that you have broken the terms of the contract and/or your business is considered a ‘high risk’ for lending.

Grounds for your facility being closed could include:
– Receiving a CCJ
– Entering into a CVA
– High debt concentration with one client
– Too many credit notes on your account
– Duplicate invoices and invoicing errors
– Becoming insolvent

However just because RBS no longer wishes to provide finance, does not mean that you cannot find an alternative provider.

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